Schedule of Events for Wear Orange Day, October 30

In solidarity with the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Tennessee Students and Educators for Social Justice is calling on students and educators across the state to wear orange on October 30. Together with activists across the country, we endorse the following Pledge of Resistance:

What kind of society do you want to live in?

– Police brutality and police murder are daily occurrences, yet brutal murdering cops are almost never punished for their crimes;
– Black and Latino people, especially the youth, are treated like criminals, guilty until proven innocent, if they can survive to prove their innocence;
– This criminalization has led to 2.2 million people being warehoused in prison, a 500% increase over the past 30 years;
– Tens of thousands of people in prison are subjected to the torture of long term solitary confinement;
– Alongside this has risen a program of criminalizing and incarcerating undocumented immigrants;
– The color of a person’s skin determines whether they live and how they live.

Today we pledge:

Black lives matter.
Latino lives matter.
All lives matter.

* Mass incarceration: WE SAY NO MORE!

* Police murder: WE SAY NO MORE!

* Torture in the prisons: WE SAY NO MORE!

* Criminalization of generations: WE SAY NO MORE!

* Attacks on immigrants: WE SAY NO MORE!

We will NOT be silent.

We WILL resist!

Until these shameful horrors really are… NO MORE!


Schedule of Events in Nashville

Wear orange all day long!

11am-1pm – Imagine a World Without Prisons (Collaborative Art Project)

Outside Rand Dining Hall, Vanderbilt University

1pm – Rally and Discussion of Mass Incarceration

Outside Rand Dining Hall, Vanderbilt University

4 – 6:30pm – Nightmare on Our Street: Teach-In on Racialized Violence

Vanderbilt Divinity School, Reading Room

The Vanderbilt Divinity School in conjunction with the Graduate Department of Religion and Vanderbilt Black Seminarians will host “Nightmare on Our Street!: A Teach-in On Racialized Violence in America” on Thursday, October 30th from 4-6:30PM in the Reading Room located in the Divinity School. This teach-in seeks, through a religious lens, to analyze, critique, and respond to the racialized violence inflicted on communities of color and the systems and structures that reinforce institutionalized racism. Panelists will include Mr. Keron Blair, Campaign Strategist and Field Director at Raise IL, Ms. Darria Janéy Hudson, Multicultural Youth Organizer at Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Coalition, Rev. Dr. Christophe D. Ringer, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Christian Brothers University, Dr. Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Associate Professor of Ethics and Society, Rev. Mark Forrester, University Chaplain and Director of Religious Life at Vanderbilt University, and August Washington, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief of Vanderbilt Police Department. Dr. Herbert Marbury, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible, will serve as moderator.

7:30 pm – “Void of Grace: Mass Incarceration in the State of TN”

Lipscomb University, Swang Business Building, Stowe Hall (Room 108 – there will be signs)



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