Death Penalty Teach-In at Vanderbilt, Jan. 27

Photos by Rohan Quinby

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Death Penalty Teach-In last night at Vanderbilt!

Schedule of Events:

Where Do You Stand on the Death Penalty?

Erica Johnson and Josh Everett, Vanderbilt Prison Project <>

10 Things You Should Know About the Tennessee Death Penalty

Andrew Krinks, Eric Ritter, Lisa Guenther, Carmela Hill-Burke; Tennessee Students and Educators for Social Justice (TNSJ)

Q&A Panel Discussion

Ndume Olatushani, Artist and community activist with the Children’s Defense Fund; Ndume spent 28 years in prison, 20 of which were on death for a crime he did not commit
Stacy Rector, Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (TADP)
Facilitated by Tatiana McInnis, REACH Coalition
Vegetarian pizza was served in honor of Phillip Workman’s last meal request before his execution in 2007.

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